Homesmart Fridge – Business Card Magnets

Homesmart Business Card Magnets

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Homesmart Fridge - Business Card Magnets keep you in front of your prospects and customers. Three out of ten prospects will retain your Homesmart Business Card Magnets and one in ten will put them on their fridge. Your Homesmart Business Card Magnets act as an important brand marketing tool and they also find additional uses on a fridge substituting for magnetic buttons. offers you the largest selection of Homesmart Business Card Magnet templates that can be customized online in minutes. Our online designs are professionally created, printed on a thick I7 PT magnetic stock.

Using our online studio to design your Business Cards Magnets is a breeze. Select a template , add your contact information, select your branch logo, your designations, upload your photo, review your proof and place your order.

If you are in a hurry and need your magnets in 2-3 business days, use our one-day shipping option and option and we will have the magnets delivered to you in 2-3 business days.

Nobody beats us on pricing and customer service.

25% OFF
Homesmart Fridge – Business Card Magnets

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