Keller Williams Postcards

Keller Williams Postcards

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Keller Williams Postcards are a useful, affordable, and essential direct marketing tool for brand building, farming, prospecting, personal promotion, and publicizing your sold and listed properties.

Our Keller Williams Postcards come with thought-provoking messaging, which includes an effective title, a compelling message, and a strong call to action, all of which can be further customized using our friendly and intuitive online editor. It takes only a few minutes to design and order your postcards online. has an extensive library of Keller Williams Postcard Templates available in standard (4.25” X 6”), Jumbo (5.5” X 8.5”), and Super Jumbo (6.5” X 9) sizes.

Keller Williams Postcards are printed on a thick 16 PT premium paper and gloss coated on the front side. Our turnaround time for printing and shipping is typically two business days, and shipping options of 1,2,3-4 and 5-7 days are available to meet your needs.

For Keller Williams Agents, who are looking for an extremely affordable postcard marketing option, be sure to try our EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards. With Every Door Direct Mail postcards, you can saturate your farm area with our super jumbo size postcards for less than 40 C per postcard. The postage for each postcard is 18C, which makes it cheaper than a standard size direct mail postcard mailed first class.

We also offer Keller Williams Real Estate Agents with postcard design services. For only $15, our design team will design a custom postcard for you. For more information on ordering your Keller Williams Postcards, please email us at or call us on our Toll-Free line at 844-280-6520

Nobody beats us on pricing and customer service.

25% OFF
Keller Williams Postcards

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