RE/MAX Note Cards

Product Description

RE/MAX Note cards are the perfect way to say thank you or make an announcement. A RE/MAX branded note card will be appreciated by your customers and contacts. A handwritten note on your RE/MAX note cards will go a long way in establishing and rekindling relationships. RE/MAX note cards come with complimentary envelopes.

All our templates can be customized additionally to meet your needs for $15. You will be able to request additional changes for customization when reviewing your proof online.

Product Specification

Size – 5.5 Inches Wide and 4.25 Inches in height.

Orientation – At this moment, only horizontal orientation is available for RE/MAX notecards.

Paper / Substrate Options – The default option is a thick 14PT premium substrate.

Coating - Notecard are UV coated for free.

Corners - Only Square corners are available.

Turnaround and Shipping

Between 4-5 days to print and pack your RE/MAX notecards. 5-day day shipping options are available. Please note that turnaround time does not include the day your order is placed.

We also give you an estimated date of delivery. Products are shipped through UPS and a tracking # is also emailed to you. Please note, all our products are shipped to valid residential or commercial addresses. Shipping is not available to PO boxes.

Front only price :
Actual Price$106.26$137.10$276.05$420.77$611.00
Discounted Price$79.70$102.82$207.04$315.58$458.25

* Shipping Extra. For detailed pricing, please click the pricing link on the top of the page.

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-131

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-131

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-133

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-133

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-135

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-135

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-137

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-137

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-139

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-139

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-261

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-261

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-263

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-263

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-265

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-265

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-267

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-267

Customize Template

Remax  Note Cards REMAX-NC-269

Remax Note Cards REMAX-NC-269

Customize Template