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Becoming a Real Estate Agent

So, what are you doing with your life? Want to be a real estate agent? Real estate is a business that welcomes everyone, young and old. Anyone, with study and hard work, can get their license and “become” a real estate agent. But that’s only the starting point... Many people get into the real estate business for the wrong reasons and with mistaken expectations. Some seem to think that becoming a real estate agent is the fast path to fast cash. Not only that--a lot of people think it looks easy! All you have to do it get a few clients, slap their homes up online, and watch the money roll in, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Ok, yes, for the right people, real estate can make for a fulfilling and lucrative career. For others, well… It can be a challenge. Let’s break all of the reasons why or why not you should become a real estate agent into two categories:

Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Become a Real Estate Agent

Working Hours

If you’re someone who needs a clear starting and quitting time, real estate is not a good career for you. Let’s talk about the hours you need to put in. As a real estate agent, you aren’t working a 9 to 5 job. Your work schedule is based around your clients’ schedules. The more clients you have, the busier you’re going to be. Unless you’re ready to work all hours of the day, 7 days a week, you should avoid becoming an agent.


If you thought you could escape office work by becoming a real estate agent, I’ve got bad news for you. There’s no getting around the fact that being a real estate agent requires a lot of paperwork. You’ll be sitting in front of your computer, putting up listings and working on offers until your eyes are ready to pop out of your head. Everything needs to be perfectly in order, so be ready to check your work twice, if not three times, to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

There’s No Steady Pay Check

Want a steady income? There aren’t many salaried jobs out there for real estate agents. Being successful requires you to constantly be on the lookout for new listings, buyers, and ways you can get even more business. It’s important to understand that as a real estate agent, your income will be dependant on your commissions. This means that you could put in countless hours on a deal that simply fails to come together. It can be heartbreaking, but it’s also very, very common in this business. If you need a solid level of financial stability, real estate definitely isn’t the life for you.

Reasons You SHOULD Become a Real Estate Agent


Being a real estate agent, even if you’re with an agency, essentially means that you are self-employed. There is a tremendous amount of freedom in this. Some people were just born to be their own “boss”, set their own hours, and live an entrepreneurial lifestyle. You can work as much as you want to or as little as you want, and your results will reflect that. If you value flexibility, becoming a real estate agent might be the job for you.

Earning Potential

This is the flipside of the “lack of a pay cheque” coin. Although being a real estate agent lacks the stability of a steady job, you also have the potential to earn far more than you would in some other industries. If you’re successful in selling many properties, you could see your annual income skyrocket. On the other hand, if you have a bad year, you might see it fall to nearly nothing, but some people really thrive in that kind of feast or famine situation. If you’re successful, you can genuinely make a very comfortable living as a real estate agent.

You Enjoy People

Being a real estate agent means being a people person. If you’re a hardcore introvert, pushing yourself to go out and interact with sellers, buyers, other agents, bankers, and everyone asking for real estate advice can be exhausting. But if you love interacting with people, networking, and finding new clients, then real estate can offer you a perfect job.

Is Becoming a Real Estate Agent for You?

Becoming a real estate agent is a big choice, and one that requires a lot of thought. If you do decide to take the plunge and get your license, you’ll need business cards, stationery, and all of the other trappings of the industry. For all of those needs, SureFactor has your back. We work with real estate agents and franchises all over North America, and we’re ready to create customized business cards for you and your agency. Click here to start now, and we wish you all the best in your future in real estate!