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5 Jokes About Real Estate to Tell Your Clients

Did you ever hear the one about the real estate agent and the awkward clients?

Jokes are a great way to break the ice in any social situation, especially when you want to put new clients at ease and become comfortable with you. A great way to do this is to have a few self-deprecating jokes about real estate agents in your back pocket.

As we all know, many people hold completely unfair opinions about real estate agents, so showing your clients that you have a sense of humor about this stereotype can show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Give them a try!


#1 – During an economic downturn, a banker, an accountant, and a real estate agent all lose their jobs and become homeless. Having worked together when they were all employed, they decide to band together and live under bridge.

The banker finds a discarded refrigerator box and moves into it.

The accountant finds a discarded oven box, puts it next to the accountant’s box, and moves into it.The real estate agent finds a discarded toaster box, places it on top of the other two cardboard boxes, and slaps a sign on it that reads, “Penthouse available in new condo development for young professionals.”


#2 – A few days after a house closes, a real estate agent sends a thank you present to their client’s new home: a big bouquet of flowers to thank them for the sale and welcome them to their new home.

The bouquet arrives at the home with a big banner attached saying, “Rest in Peace”.

The new owner is angry and calls the real estate agent to complain. After telling the agent how upset she was by the message, the agent responds, “Ma’am, I completely understand why you’re upset and I apologize for the mistake, but it could have been worse. Just think, somewhere there’s a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a big banner that says, “Congratulations on your new home!”


#3 – Einstein dies and goes to heaven. Worried that he won’t have anyone to talk to, he runs up to the first person he sees and asks, “Excuse me? What’s your IQ” The person replies, “About 250.” , “Oh, thank heavens!” says Einstein, “We can talk about astrophysics!”

He runs up to a second person and asks, “Excuse me, what’s your IQ?” The second person replies, “About 150.” That’s great,” says Einstein, “We can talk about politics!”

He runs up to a third person and asks, “Excuse me, what’s your IQ?” The third person replies, “About 45.” “Oh,” says Einstein, “Well, I guess we can talk about where the real estate market is heading.”


#4 – A young real estate broker opens his own real estate office. On his first day in business, he looks out the window and sees a man step out of his truck and walk towards the front door.

Super nervous and desperate to impress this potential client, the broker picks up the phone on his desk and pretends he is working on a huge deal. He makes the man wait for three minutes, as he throws around huge figures and successfully “closes” the deal.

Finally, he hangs up with a flourish and asks the man, “Now, how can I help you?” The man responds, “I’m with the telephone company, I’m here to activate your phone.”


#5 – “I’m going to need a raise in my commission,” a young real estate agent told their manager. “Oh yeah?”, said the manager, “Why should I give you a raise?” “Because,” said the young agent, “I have three other companies after me!” “Oh really?”, said the manager, “What companies are after you?” The young agent responds, “The electric company, the telephone company, and the gas company.


Too silly for you? Of course, you have to use your own judgement when telling these jokes. Some clients might find them hilarious and endearing, while others might be a bit surprised or even put off. Remember, the best way that you can break the ice with potential clients is to have a number of professionally printed real estate business cards in your front pocket. At SureFactor, you can design the perfect real estate business card with our customization tools in minutes. All of our real estate products come with both a low price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check out our website today to see what we offer and how we can help you better connect with potential clients.