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How to Build Roots in your Community as a Real Estate Agent

How well do you know your community? Unless you live in a huge city, you’re probably already part of the community you serve as a real estate agent. You may already have some roots there, or are looking to put down even stronger roots in the months to come. Integrating yourself more fully into your community can lead to some of the best word of mouth advertising you can get as a real estate agent. In this article, we’re going to give you some advice about how putting down roots in your community can help you as a realtor but it’s important to say that your own personal profit shouldn’t be the end goal here. If you become better known in community as part of the process of connecting with your community then, yes, you’ll probably get more listings, but there’s something more important. A connection with your community will help you to develop a deeper appreciation for your town and the people who live there. And that can only help you as a real estate agent when you’re guiding people to find their perfect home in your community.

Connect with your Community


Volunteering with community-based organizations or charities is one of the best ways to get to know other movers and shakers in your town. And it feels great to do some social good in the process. The movers and shakers that you’ll meet are usually the people who are looking to build and give back to the community that you earn your living from. Joining them in their efforts shows that you care about more than just making money; you genuinely care about the community that you call home as well. It may take a few years, but involving yourself in community efforts could eventually lead to you being asked to serve on boards of community organizations. Here you can further develop friendships and gain the confidence of fellow board members who will see you as the community leader that by then you will have become.

Write Letters to the Editor

Does your community have a local newspaper or weekly bulletin? If so, getting your name into it as a content contributor could be a great way to get your name known to the wider population. You could start with letters to the editor about issues that affect property values and things that can impact first-time home buyers. As an example, you could thoughts about a break on deed transfer taxes. Demonstrate that you’re a knowledgeable expert in the community. If someone reads great advice and remembers it, they may also remember who wrote it. You could start to submit samples of your writing to your local news outlets. Who knows, you might be able to get a monthly, or even weekly, column of space--that could even become free personal branding! Just make sure that you use this space to deliver useful content about the real estate industry, not advertising. The only place your company should be mentioned, if at all, is at the end, beside your name.


Every town has big community events every now and then, along with sports teams and fundraisers. Connecting yourself and your real estate practice to these events can pay dividends with all members of the community. Sponsoring events will give you the chance to put some money back into the community where you’ve been making your living. This kind of gesture doesn’t go unnoticed. Giving a little bit of sponsorship money to school plays, amateur sports teams, and music festivals can go a long way to building your local brand as someone who cares.

Hold Events

If there aren’t any community events available, how about throwing one of your own? Client events are a great way for realtors to connect with the community. Options for events can range from Christmas parties, to charitable bake sales, to summer BBQs. Although you will, of course, invite all of your clients, don’t turn people away simply because you haven’t done business with them before. You would be amazed at what people remember, and treating someone to a free hamburger in the summer could lead you to a big commision selling their house in the fall. You never know!

Live Your Life

No one is an island. Simply by living in a community, you’ll form friendships, relationships, and build daily routines. Just by the very nature of living your life, you’ll naturally be putting down roots. If you have kids, for example, you’ll get opportunities to get to know other parents through their friends. When you “shop local” you’ll meet the people in your neighborhood. Start to find activities that you enjoy. Join a bowling league! Sign up for a charity run. If your community has a golf club, see if you can join. Have fun and make friends. Those friends will be more than likely to seek you out if they, or someone they’re close to, is looking to buy or sell their home.

Bringing it Home

Being a real estate agent intrinsically means that you’ll have a deep connection to those who are moving into your community. You’ll be showing them houses and telling them about the place they’re moving to. The deeper your roots in your community, the truer your words about what a wonderful place it is to live will be. At SureFactor, we care about the important work that you do as a real estate agent. The next time that you need professionally printed real estate business cards think of SureFactor. We have the perfect designs for your business cards and other stationary, and you can set them up and order them in just a few minutes. Help build your community profile by always having your business cards close at hand! Click here to start now.