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Social Media Tips & Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

Are you making the best use of social media to market yourself as a real estate agent?

Social media is an amazing marketing tool for real estate agents. It’s the perfect personal branding vehicle, which is exactly what you need to get your name out there as a realtor.

You want to do more than just tell people about your services. On social media, you can give people a chance to get to know you, your character, and your expertise, so that they can build a trust and familiarity with you. That way, they’ll already feel connected with you and remember you when it comes time for them to buy or sell their property, or when they have a friend or family member who is ready to buy or sell.

With successful social media marketing, potential and existing clients will think of you first. As a real estate agent, you’re really a kind of “solopreneur”. Even if you work with a team, it’s important that you build up your personal branding, and until you become successful enough that you can outsource your marketing to experts, you need to be realistic about how much you can achieve alone.

You need to start by choosing the right social media platforms, and then put yourself on a schedule so that you’re maximizing your efficiency to use those social platforms effectively.

It’s not practical to jump on every new platform just because it’s the latest trend. Your time is valuable, so focus on the platforms that are established.


Facebook is the biggest and most important social media platform and it’s a great place for you to be active as a real estate agent. You should use Facebook daily in two primary ways.

First, you should have a professional business page for yourself. Second, you should tactfully use your personal profile to remind your networks about the great work that you do.

On your Facebook business page, share your business know-how; industry articles, listings, photos and testimonials of satisfied clients, and insights about the work that you do on a daily basis.

Don’t neglect visuals. Share photos of your happy clients getting the keys to their new homes and other engaging pictures to draw in your audience.

Some of that content you can also share from your business page so that it goes out to your personal network. Just because your friends and family follow your business page on Facebook doesn’t mean that they’ll see what you’re sharing there. Facebook has algorithms that limit how much content your business page followers will see, so sharing some content from your business page to your personal stream is a good idea.

If there’s something significant on your business page that you want to ensure gets attention, add a small boosting budget of $10-$25 to make sure it gets noticed. Add larger advertising budgets for the most important content, and consider a monthly paid Facebook ad.


If you aren’t using LinkedIn actively, it’s time to get started. LinkedIn is made for personal branding and it’s the best place to network online. Sending private messages to people on Facebook can be tacky and ill-received, but on LinkedIn it’s appropriate.

Don’t rely on your LinkedIn business page for networking opportunities. Use your personal page to your advantage. Post daily updates like listings, commentary about the market, and curated articles with your insights. Write articles that you can upload to your page. Comment on the content that other people share to strike up conversations.

Make effective use of private messaging on LinkedIn. Introduce yourself to strangers with an “elevator pitch” introduction note. Ask people about their own work and initiatives to show genuine interest in forming a two-way relationship. Networking isn’t all about sales, it’s about building real connections with people, and when you take the time to get to know people, they’re more likely to give you referrals.


Twitter is a great network. It can get a bit noisy, but don’t be fooled by how quickly it moves. It’s a very valuable platform for real estate. Be vocal and post frequently so that people notice both the content you’re sharing and also your recurring profile.

Remember that you can learn a lot on Twitter as well, and you can show that you’re part of the real estate conversation. Lookup #realestate and related hashtags, and make good use of hashtags that other people are actively using and searching for, too. Don’t forget to use the right hashtag for your #location.

Make sure to give other people credit and to engage with them more actively by using their @name tag. People love to be tagged and to know that you’re reading and sharing their content. When you give other people attention, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate the favor. Ongoing relationship building is what helps to make your personal brand visible so that people remember your name when they’re making real estate decisions or giving referrals to others who are beginning their real estate journey.


Instagram is the one platform where posting about both your personal life and your professional life can be an asset. This is your chance to mix photos of your happy clients and great house listings along with more personal photos of yourself, your family, and your cat. When you mix things up on Instagram, you add a human and very personable side to your personal brand that today’s clients really appreciate.

Your photos should always be respectful, of course. No drunk photos, please. But you don’t have to be too stiff, either. This is the place to get more real with your audience. Show yourself in jeans sometimes, not only a suit. People will relate to that and like you for it. It is “social” media after all, so play around and have a little fun.

Social Media for Real Estate Works

The real estate industry is, in fact, one of the most successful industries for social media marketing. It’s the perfect vehicle to get your personal brand out to the public, to stay in touch with past and existing customers, and to find new customers to grow your business.

Effective social media marketing reinforced by professional print materials like business cards, stationery, door hangers, etc. work harmoniously together to embed your name as a realtor into the hearts and minds of your clientele. Just remember that social media is about more than just your services. It’s about people. When you give people the chance to get to know you and stay in touch with you frequently, they’ll feel great about doing business with you and they’ll tell all their friends about you, too. Now that’s good business.