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Getting to Know SureFactor – Your Partner in Real Estate Success

Do you ever feel like no one is on your side in the world of real estate?

You’re not alone. Being a real estate agent can feel very isolating. You’re an independent contractor, your own boss. Even if you’ve parked your license at a franchise or big office, you’re still technically in competition with all of your peers, always looking for that next big listing, hopefully followed by a big sale. If everyone seems to be out for themselves, then who, if anyone, is in your corner?

And did you know that half a million small businesses are started each month but only about half of those new businesses succeed beyond their second year?

Being a real estate agent is tough, and that’s why we’re here. At SureFactor, we know that the majority of US businesses start from home and operate on a shoestring budget. We’ll never waste your time pushing you to buy things you don’t need. We deal with some of the very basic needs of small businesses as they start up, evolve, and expand, and we help out real estate agents with great prices, quality products, attentive service, and most of all integrity. Our goal is to be your partner in success, and we really mean it.

We want to be a partner that you can trust. It’s our goal to make your job just a little bit easier by providing the marketing materials that you need without any headaches or worries.

Real Estate Business Cards

Getting great quality real estate business cards can be an expensive and annoying experience. There’s a certain style to real estate agent business cards and there are guidelines that must be followed. If you’re with a franchise, your business cards need to contain disclaimers such as, “Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated”. If your choice of business card printer misses that vital information, you’ll be left with a couple of hundred useless half-drink coasters.

With SureFactor, you get to see exactly what your card will looks like before you make your purchase, and you can confirm that every detail is in place. Best of all, we prompt you to include the correct information because we understand what should be included. We also offer a low price guarantee, along with satisfaction guaranteed.

Real Estate Marketing Stationery

Of course, you’re going to need more than just business cards. Having high quality marketing materials often makes the difference between looking like a professional, polished agent… or an amateur. We offer everything from branded bookmarks to car magnets, all tailored to your exact specifications. Every great agent needs lots of collateral to hand out to potential buyers and sellers and we can provide it with a fantastic price and quality.

Real Estate Blog

If you’re a newer agent just finding your place in the world of real estate, good advice is worth its weight in gold. That’s exactly what we offer on the SureFactor blog. Here, we share expert tips and strategies for real estate agents, to inspire new ideas and help give you the edge you need to succeed. We have blogs on topics ranging from exploring how smart homes will impact the way you market a house to how to build roots in the community you work in. We believe that the SureFactor blog is one of the best resources out there for real estate agents and it will continue to grow as new blogs are posted regularly. If you’d like to keep up-to-date on all of our new content, please feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Upcoming Services

OK, this one is a bit of a tease because we can’t give the details yet. We have a number of exciting new products and features in the works, all of them launching later in 2017. We assure you that all of these services will be of incredible help to all of you agents out there, and always for an affordable price. If you’d like to keep updated on the latest at SureFactor, again you could subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Summing It All Up

SureFactor was built around the desire to help real estate agents achieve their full potential, giving them the tools they need to get the right listings and close more sales. We’re going to continue on our mission, introducing new products that we know will help your business and that we can’t wait to put at your disposal. We hope that you’ll stick with us as we make this move into the next stage of SureFactor’s future!