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Why Real Estate Agents Can’t Afford to Get their Print Materials from “Just Anywhere”

Are you a professional real estate agent, ready to put your best foot forward to the world? Here’s another question: are you proud of your business cards?

You should be. A business card is more than just your name, contact information, and photo. As a real estate agent, your business card acts as your representative; your card is you when you can't be there. It’s a huge part of your personal brand, and your professional presentation. That’s why your business card needs to make the right impression and portray the image of a successful, trustworthy, and knowledgeable real estate agent.

Who Cares? A Business Card is a Business Card, right?
Many new real estate agents make a big mistake right out of the gate. Of course they know that they need business cards. After all, real estate is a people business, and if you want to get your name out there and make contacts, you’re going to need business cards to break the ice. So, the new agent goes to a local print shop or finds the cheapest business cards they can find on the internet and orders some business cards. But these aren’t real estate agent specific cards, they’re just generic, standard business cards. Dime a dozen business cards. A generic business card is not the way to make an impression on potential clients. There might even be a good chance that those cards they won’t have necessary real estate information on them, like your certifications or franchise disclaimers. One of the best decisions a new real estate agent can make is to invest in high quality, real estate agent-specific business cards. The best business cards for real estate agents should follow brand-specific realtor templates, have a high level of readability with a clear and sharp font, great photo quality, and printed on solid card stock that won’t just crumple in a potential buyer’s pocket. A new agent needs their business cards to scream “reliability”. And that’s exactly what you get when you order your real estate business cards and stationery from SureFactor.

The Journey of the Business Card

Imagine the journey that each one of your business cards will take. Where do you want your business card to end up? Let’s start from the beginning: the moment you hand your card to a potential buyer or seller. Odds are that they’re going to put it in their pocket, their wallet, or their purse. Some people will make a point of filing the business card right away, but most people will forget about it until sometime later. The person who is accustomed to organizing their business cards will pull the card out later that day, the next day, or at the most 3 days later. They’ll take a moment to look the card over and reflect about their impression of you. You want that card to reinforce the best first impression possible! The card will help to fortify the way that they think about you again moving forward from that point onwards. On the other hand, most people will forget about the card for a while and will find it sometime later. When they look at the card, this is your big chance to remind them about who you are. If it looks cheap and unprofessional, there’s a good chance that the potential client will think “Meh, it's garbage” and into the trash it will go, along with their memory of you. But if it’s a high quality and professionally made business card, they’ll be reminded of your own professionalism, and they’ll also be much more reluctant to throw the card out. It could end up on the fridge, or in a drawer until they need your information in the future. That’s the ideal journey of your business card, to a place of safe-keeping and personal recognition, and you need to do everything you can to keep your card out of the trash can.

The Importance of Real Estate Branded Stationery

Stationary is another often misunderstood marketing device that can really make a difference. Let's say you’re talking to a potential buyer and you quickly jot down some information about a property onto a piece of paper for them. Without your letterhead, your logo, and contact information, it’s just a generic piece of paper with some potentially interesting information. However, with your information across the top of it, that useful information becomes linked to your name and brand, meaning that they’re more likely to call your number when they decide to use it. If you’re simply using generic envelopes or notepads that you bought at a local office supply store, you’re missing a valuable branding opportunity. Every time a potential buyer or seller sees your logo and name increases the odds that they’ll remember you and give you a call when they need your services.

The Power of Real Estate Templates

When you visit SureFactor, you’ll immediately notice that we aren’t selling generic, buy ‘em by the pack business cards and stationery. We specialize particularly in business cards and stationery for real estate agents, and we do it really really well. The first thing you see is a huge list of Real Estate companies all over the United States. When you click one, you’ll be taken to that specific company’s template page. There, you’ll be able to select from dozens of different business card template designs, each one specific to your Real Estate company. The fantastic thing about these Real Estate company templates is that you get to see exactly what you’re going to get. Once you pick a template, you put in your information, upload your photo, and you get a preview of your real estate business card. We carefully adhere to brand standards of companies; especially their logo and general real estate requirements. You can choose from over 50 certifications and designations, branch logos if applicable to your real estate company, and mandatory disclaimers. We have the largest online selection of branded real estate templates, intuitive categorization, a variety of photo sizes, background colors, and optimized layouts for readability and document scanning. Required disclaimer information, such as “Each office is independently owned and operated” will be automatically added to your cards. There are even customization options like being able to add useful information on the back of the card, such as a space for notes or a calendar. Giving your clients this extra value in your business card can really impress and make the right impression. Getting topflight real estate business cards should be a priority for any real estate agent. It just makes sense to order yours from the professionals who specialize in making the highest quality real estate business cards and stationery. SureFactor is incredibly easy to use, super affordable, and far quicker than other online printers. We offer printing services and supplies that are specific to your needs as a real estate agent. To get high-quality business cards and stationery that you would be proud to hand to any buyer or seller, give SureFactor a try! Start now.