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Why Business Cards Still Matter in the Real Estate Business

Do you remember the first time someone handed you their business card? Odds are that you were either in your late teens or early twenties. Maybe you were opening your first adult bank account or talking to a university advisor, but what’s important is how it made you feel. A business card makes an impression. It’s a physical offer of services and a manifestation of respect. In today’s “all-digital, all the time” world, some say that the power of the business card has been reduced. We couldn’t disagree more. In fact, we would argue that, for a real estate agent, business cards are one of the most potent tools at your disposal to connect with clients today.

It Shows that You Are Serious

There are a lot of “real estate agents” out there. There are oodles of part timers who aren't really serious about it as a career; they just use it to try to earn a little extra money. Generally, these agents don't invest in themselves as a real estate agent, either in effort or in marketing. When you hand someone a professional real estate business card, customized and branded, you’re essentially telling them that you’re a pro, not an amateur who is in the game for the short term.

It Makes a Direct Connection

Now, we aren’t saying that digital marketing isn’t an absolutely essential part of a real estate agent’s marketing game. Having a digital version of your business card to attach to emails and other digital correspondence is actually a fantastic idea. But, with a physical business card, the very act of handing someone one of your business cards and having them accept it creates a very real and direct connection between you. It involves eye contact, maybe even a handshake! That genuinely counts for something in this digital world. It’s grounding and extremely impactful.

It is an Extension of Your Brand

In real estate, you are your brand. Yes, you may have a logo associated with an agency like Coldwell Banker or Keller Williams, but your own face is essentially your personal logo. When you hand someone a business card, you aren’t just giving them your contact information. You’re handing them a representation of your brand. The quality of your real estate business cards will directly reflect on you and your professionalism. If the cards are made from cheap paper and printed with faded ink, what does that say about you? You need a business card with a professional, premium edge. (The real estate business cards that we offer at SureFactor are top of the line so that you can feel confident when you hand them out.)

You’re Always On the Job

When someone hires a real estate agent, they want to know that they’ll be ready to work for them 24/7. It’s just that kind of a job. Having your business card in your back pocket will show a potential client that you’re always prepared and ready to throw yourself into the business.

It’s a Handy Notepad

Have you ever been talking to a potential client and you want to write down a bit of information for them? Having a business card in your back pocket means that you can write down any information they ask for. Of course, this only works if you’re carrying a pen with you too!   As you can see, having professional and polished real estate business cards can be the difference between making a new contact or walking away empty handed. Printing hundreds of high quality business cards can be pretty expensive, but not at SureFactor. With our online customization tools, you can design your ideal real estate business card in minutes. We’ll send them to you with both a low price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit our website today to check your options and get started on your way to the top of the real estate business!