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5 Qualities Found in the Best Real Estate Agents

What do you think are your best qualities? The most effective real estate agents working today all share certain qualities that separate them from the herd. These qualities are reflected in everything they do, from communicating with clients to networking with competitors. If you truly want to become a force in the real estate market, here are 5 qualities that you should cultivate in your journey to become a successful real estate agent:

1. Communication Skills

The average person entering into the real estate market probably knows very little about the ins and outs of selling or buying a home. That’s why they’re coming to you! It’s your job to explain everything to them, keep them in the loop about any potential movement with their property, and answer every single question they have to their satisfaction. This can require some extensive communications skills. You should be in constant contact with your clients, giving them updates about the status of their property at regular intervals so they don’t get nervous or feel disconnected from you. Communication, of course, goes both ways. You also need to have fantastic active listening skills as a real estate agent. You need to understand the needs and desires of your clients so you can find them the home that they really want. If you’re paying close attention to what your clients are saying, you’ll be able to pick up on when they’re nervous about something, overexcited, or simply unsure, and use that information to act accordingly.

2. Local Knowledge

Local knowledge can take a real estate agent far, especially in smaller markets. Buyers and sellers want agents with a wealth of local knowledge. It isn’t enough to know about a property itself, you should also know how close it is to the grocery store, school, mall, and movie theater. If there are parks in the vicinity, you should know them like the back of your hand. As every real estate market is a bit different, being an agent who has experience in a specific market can be a huge reassurance to your clients. Know the demographics of the community, the general sale history of other homes in the area, and even develop relationships with other local businesses. Having roots in a community will make you far more trustworthy in the eyes of both buyers and sellers.

3. Honesty

Almost all real estate agents have probably run into the age-old stereotypes that follows the profession everywhere: real estate agents can’t be trusted, they only care about themselves, they will lie to sell a property, etc… To all that we say PHOOEY! Forging a solid relationship with clients is hard enough without the already built-in trust deficit that can come with being an real estate agent. The way to beat negative perceptions is to simply be above reproach when it comes to your honesty. You need to show both sellers and buyers that you’re worthy of the trust put in you. A home is often the most valuable thing that someone owns, so putting it in the hands of someone else (YOU) can be a big leap of faith. Prove that you can be trusted by always telling them the unvarnished truth, even when the client doesn’t want to hear it. If you have a seller whose property is on the market at too high a price, tell them that. If there’s something wrong with a home, make sure that potential buyers are completely aware. Building a reputation for trust and honesty will follow you throughout your entire career and greatly increase the odds of both repeat business and referrals.

4. Networking Skills

Real estate is a people business, so you need to be able to forge relationships with other agents, appraisers, bankers, lawyers, and anyone else who is potentially involved in the real estate market in your area. Having healthy working relationships with these people will ensure that sales go much smoothly. If you develop strong relationships with many of these people, it can also lead to more clients through referrals. Networking can be taught, but it’s a skill that requires a great deal of practice to truly master. It’s a game of give and take. If your clients have a need that you can’t help with, make sure that you refer them to someone who can. Remember, real estate isn’t about you, it’s about them. And with that in mind...

5. Client-Focused Mindset

It’s all about the client. You want to be a real estate agent who puts your clients first—every time, without question. It’s your job to make sure that any buyer or seller feels fully supported by you. Remember, in the end, real estate is a service profession. And not unlike working in a restaurant, customer service should be your bottom line. You never want a client to walk away from a deal feeling less than completely satisfied. You want them to feel that you’ve done everything possible to get them the best deal or get them into the home of their dreams. Make sure that you’re constantly in contact with them, keeping them in the loop at all times.  

Set the Bar High

As a real estate agent, you want to be a shining example of all of these qualities. If you build your reputation on this foundation and surround yourself with all of the trappings of a truly professional agent including real estate business cards, personalized stationery, and other forms of collateral, then you’ll greatly increase your odds of success, satisfying both buyers and sellers alike. If you need affordable and high-quality business cards, or other kinds of real estate products, SureFactor has your back. All you need to do is visit our website and use our simple tools to customize the products you want. They will be shipped to you directly with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Trust SureFactor to support you and your real estate business!